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Custom Stair Systems

Nothing says quality inside a home better than a beautiful, custom stairway system. Stair systems are as old as time. At Anchor Hardwoods we offer a marriage of old world craftsmanship with modern technology and professionalism that will give you the assurance of beauty and quality within a schedule necessary to accommodate your project’s critical path.

Every stair system we provide is unique. We build it to fit your exact dimensional requirements, and it can be furnished in combination with your flooring application to guarantee that all components match as required. Squared or turned balusters and curved or gooseneck rails are readily available in the species of your choice.

Architecturally our housed stair system means the tread is completely mortised into heavy stringers. Structurally the stringer is routed out to accept the treads and risers using wedges and Titebond II for a firm fit that allows for needed thermal movement. No fasteners are required.

We have perfected a laser-cut template process that partners components with extreme accuracy. Treads and risers are cut to width and housed together to create a monolithic joinery with exceptional strength. We furnish this system completely assembled, as a stair kit, or as oversized components to be cut and fit in place at your site.  Click here to visit our Stair Gallery.