Marine Grade Plywood

published: August 15, 2011


AB DOUGLAS FIR MARINE PLY:  Available sizes: 4’x8’   Thickness: 6mm(.24”)  12mm(.5”)  18mm(.75”)   AB Fir Marine Grade Ply is a premium panel using the same fully waterproof glues as regular exterior plywood, but manufactured with only Douglas-fir or Western Larch veneers, and with additional restrictions on veneer grade, core gaps, patches and other characteristics. It has two fine, smooth-grain faces with no open knots on either side. AB Fir is commonly used for hull planking and lapstrakes on wooden boats.

MERANTI MARINE PLY:  Available Sizes: 4’x8’   Thickness: 6mm(.24”)  9mm(.35”)  12mm(.5”)  18mm(.75”)   Meranti is an economical alternative to Okoume and Sapele Ply. Although heavier in weight, it is more durable than the latter and is an excellent choice for areas where durability and strength are more of a concern than weight. Meranti is often used for hatch covers, transoms and many areas under the water line. It is manufactured to high standards and is guaranteed to have a void-free core. Our Meranti ply features Meranti on both exterior faces.

OKOUME MARINE PLY:  Available Sizes: 4’x8’   Thickness: 6mm(.24”)  12mm(.5”)  18mm(.75”)   Okoume Marine Grade Plywood is prized for its ribbon-stripe Mahogany-like appearance and can be varnished to match other boat components. It is considered one of the finest construction plywoods available for marine purposes. When used in combination with fiberglass and epoxy it rivals the performance, weight and strength of advanced composites such as carbon fiber. Our Okoume ply features Okoume on both exterior faces.

*SAPELE MARINE PLY:  Available Sizes: 4’x8’   Thickness: 4mm(.1875”)  6mm(.24”)  9mm(.35”)  12mm(.5”)  18mm(.75”)   Sapele Marine Plywood is sought after for its beauty, durability and excellent structural properties. Sapele is available single-sided up to 9mm, double-sided in 12mm and up. The ribbon stripe face is similar to ribbon-stripe Sapele lumber and is a much harder face veneer than Okoume.

*TEAK & HOLLY CABIN SOLE PLY:  Available Sizes: 4’x8’, 4’x10’   Thickness: 6mm(.24”)  9mm(.35”)  12mm(.5”)  18mm(.75”)   Teak and Holly is a premium marine grade plywood, coveted for its contrast and beauty. The main width of the Teak is 2.375” with alternating .25” Holly strips.

*5’ X 10’ Marine Ply: Limited Availability on Special Order.

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